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Revenue Share

Revenue Share

Revenue Share or Revenue Sharing Definition

The definition of Rev Share, Revenue Share, also known as Revenue Sharing is whereby the profits from any given economic activity is shared between the shareholders. Say, if a business like Online Advertising company generates loss in given time period, then there is no profit and no Profit Sharing will take place.

Revenue Sharing and Online Advertising

Revenue Sharing have become a very popular strategy now in Online Advertising. Whereby, online advertising companies are now allowing their customers to participate in profit sharing schemes. This is done by selling advertising packages to customers with attached shares, which have some terms and conditions. These are short term shares. They expire between 30 to 60 days on average. Upon maturity, the customers can expect to get back 110% to 150% on average.

Online Advertising and Profit Sharing for 2017

Now in 2017, Online Advertising companies promote profit sharing schemes through their online websites. They offer different advertising services and tools. As well as, extra earning opportunities for their members. Therefore, this strategy is known as Profit Sharing. Whereby, the profits generated from advertising is shared with the members. Thus, this depends on the percentage of revenue share a member holds in that company.

Online Advertising and Income Opportunity

Online advertising exist to provide ad service for their clients. The clients vary from individual members, small to medium size businesses to large international organisations. These companies try to cater for almost all businesses, except gambling and pornography. From a social and religious point of view, this is very ethical.

The advertising services they provide vary from one company to another. However, there is some services which they provide in common. For example, firstly, they all provide Traffic Exchange. This is very good and cheap source of website traffic. But, it’s not target traffic. Secondly, they all provide banner advertising, also known as banner ad.  This is good form of advertising, as people will click the poster to see what the ad is about. Finally, thirdly, they all provide Text Link advertising. This is very good type of contextual poster advertising.

Is Rev Share a Scam, Ponzi or Illegal?

You need to understand that if any online advertising company claim revenue sharing opportunity but do not have any advertising service on offer is a scam. However, the online advertising company we recommend sell advertising services. This company is similar to a Radio or Television company. The difference is that this online advertising company offers online services instead of on-air services. Therefore, the client is able to share in the profits of the business from purchasing advertising packages. This is based on their web traffic and daily sales.

Rev sharing programs have four key characteristics. Firstly, the revenue sharing strategy is not an investment, no return is guaranteed. Secondly, online advertising is not illegal, the services they offer is open and legal. Thirdly, this is not a investment, as the company is not regulated by any financial body. Finally, the revenue sharing scheme is not a Ponzi, because the company is sharing profits from previous sales and not from new members.

Join Revenue Sharing Program Today

You can join now simply as a free member and start earning today. This means, you do not have to purchase any advertising packages (Ad packs). No deposit is required in order to start earning straightaway. However, earns is limited. This means, the earning you make is generated from Cash Link ads and referral commission only. The referral commission is earned by introducing new members into the business using your unique referral link. This is also known as affiliate commission.

A paid member is referred to as member who holds Ad packs. The Ad packs allow a member to earn commission from 110% to 150%. this depends on your advertising company.

You do not necessarily need to be referred by a sponsor to join revenue sharing programs. Most members access online advertising company directly and register using their online registration forms. However, if you get introduced by a sponsor, it is good for you. Your sponsor is able to provide insight into the business model. All business models differ in structure. They should be able to provide yo with advice and guidance for your personal development.

Top 10 Revenue Share Sites for 2017

These top profit sharing online advertising sites are recommended based on our personal experience, payment proofs, testimonials, reviews and feedback from readers.

Thus, here listed below is our recommended top revenue sharing traffic exchange sites:

  1. Eden Traffic
  2. Future Ad Pro
  3. Ad Pack Pro
  4. My Paying Ads
  5. Traffic Ads Management
  6. Trafficsec
  7. My Ad Story
  8. The Ads Team
  9. 10 Ads Pay
  10. Click Intensity

Through the above listed revenue sharing online advertising sites, you will be able to advertise your online business and participate in their revenue share programs. Thereby, these above companies have thousands of satisfied members and we hope that you are one of them. Note, you do no need to have an online business to join these companies and their revenue sharing programs. A lot of people are earning money just by clicking cash links and referral commissions.

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