Right now, read this simple Eden Traffic Review and discover the top Revenue Sharing site for 2017, they offer fast Traffic Exchange and Profit Share today.

Eden Traffic Review

Eden Traffic Review

My recommendation for the top #1 revenue share site for 2017 is Eden Traffic. When you purchase adpacks from this website, you do so at your own risk. I do not own nor have control over Eden Traffic. My recommendation is based on personal experience, reviews and market research and income proof. Read my Eden Traffic Review and find out more.

Eden Traffic is a Trusted Revenue Sharing Site for 2017

Eden Traffic is a global online advertising company with high quality members, who are ready to spend their cash. It also offers revenue sharing or profit sharing program through its adpacks and traffic exchange program.

Their online advertising and revenue sharing traffic exchange plans are immaculately placed to provide beneficial user experience for people interested in long term business.

What is a Revenue Sharing Site?

A Revenue Sharing site or Profit Sharing is a site where you can buy advertising packages and receive website traffic to your online business. You get back your initial purchase cost plus a small percentage when the adpacks expire. This is normally between 30 – 60 days. The profit you earn from revenue sharing is not 100% guaranteed since the revenue sharing site is not designed as an investments model.

How the Profit Sharing Site Works?

Every time you buy an adpack, you get ad credits. Then you can use the credits to get web traffic exposure for any online business selling products or services. The web traffic you receive from revenue sharing site does not convert like crazy. Therefore, you have to offer what people want and need in order to get good amount of conversions.

Profit Sharing Business Model

The profit sharing business model offered by Eden Traffic is sustainable as the company is making profits from advertising services. If they can on as they are and innovate with technology, this come has future.

However, for a lot of revenue share traffic exchange sites, this is not the same case. For them, their business model is weak, because they do not offer a variety of advertising services. They only rely on profits from adpacks. The profits are immediately shared between members. This strategy is dangerous as nothing in revenue is retained in the company. Therefore, badly management and poor financial decisions can lead to poorly managed revenue share companies to collapse.

What is a Ponzi Scheme or Strategy?

Most revenue sharing sites do not have strong long term goals, be aware of scammers. As profits earned today is shared tomorrow, the distribution of wealth is an incentive for members to buy more adpacks and increase their overall take. If there is not profit in the company today, then there is no revenue sharing tomorrow. A lot of rev share sites fall into the Ponzi scheme category due to lack of good, strong and sustainable business model. They don’t have any funds or reserves in their business account, but they still sell adpacks promising people commission returns. What they do is, they pay previous members using the money earned from present adpack sales. With zero funds in their business reserve accounts, it’s a definite Ponzi, be aware of such sites.

There is No Guarantee

Most rev share sites operate with no refund policy. This is because earnings are based on the sales made to and distributed among the members tomorrow. If there is o sale today, there is no distribution tomorrow. Therefore, profit sharing sites cannot give a guarantee. They just don’t know if they will make and sales or profits in the future, they leave it market forces. The commission offered from adpacks is only an incentive for members to buy more advertising services.

Long Term Business Plan

Most revenue sharing sites do not have long term plans, be aware. There are only a small number of profit sharing sites which have been around for few years. The most successful sites have sold background in online advertising. They move on to build business by offering revenue sharing opportunities with their member. However, most poorly managed revenue sharing sites only managed to survive to 6 months to 1 year.

The reality is, there are millions of business around the world and these business owners need to promote their business somewhere. They need website traffic, and lot of it. The easiest and the most cost effective way to do this is through revenue sharing traffic exchange sites. Therefore, this type of business will never run out of demand. The important thing is we need good suppliers.

How to Earn from Revenue Sharing Traffic Exchange?

The year 2015 to 2016 was unstable and hard time for most people involved in the revenue sharing programs. There was a lot of new companies promising more than they could deliver. A lot of people lost money as some of these companies went bust or runaway with the money.

However, from some of these good and bad experiences, I am now a stronger person, knowing how this industry works. Therefore, through my experience I have discovered Eden Traffic. Using Eden Traffic, I’m able to make a lot of money. Their platform and their business is simple to use and sustainable for the long term.

Finally, I would like to conclude by mentioning that I have found two strategies to be very effective at earning money using Eden Traffic. Firstly, I found the compounding method to be the most profitable. It is the best good way to multiply my income. Secondly, I found their referral commission of to be very reasonable. Its currently at 10%, which is market average.

Today, I have written this Eden Traffic Review to help you better understand this traffic exchange company. For more information on Revenue Share, visit Eden Traffic today.

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