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Established in 2016, Revenue Share Company aims to provide information and guidance on profit share or revenue sharing opportunities offered by online advertising companies. The revenue sharing program is a very old business model. However, not many businesses exploited this opportunity until recently.


Since year 2010, this revenue sharing or profit sharing have become a very popular strategy applied by many online advertising companies. Therefore, history tell us, this strategy has allowed many advertising companies to grown very quickly. Now, some online advertising companies have over 1 million members participating in the revenue sharing schemes. This method is very profitable for both the members and the advertising firms.


From years of experience in online marketing, we have been studying these online advertising companies. Now, we will share some of our knowledge with our readers and offer an insight into some of these revenue sharing companies. We will highlight the pros and cons, and offer recommendation on the best companies for you.


In the past, most common issue we had is that a lot of the online advertising companies were not regulated by any advertising regulatory bodies. So, a lot of new online advertising companies started up offering revenue sharing programs. Thus, through this they grow very fast. The lack of regulation allowed some of these companies to scam and run with monies belonging to members. In other words, they were operating Ponzi schemes. However, this situation has now changed and people are more understanding than ever before.

Governments around the world have also come to understand about online advertising companies and their profit sharing strategies. Therefore, they have implemented many new regulations to protect the interest of general public.

Opportunities in 2017

We have extensive knowledge in this field. Utilizing our knowledge, we will advise and make recommendations on the best and the most reputable online advertising companies people can use. Through these companies people will be able to advertise their business, become members and participate in the revenue sharing opportunity in 2017.

Top 10 Profit Share Traffic Exchange Sites

Here, these top 10 profit share traffic exchange websites are recommended by us based on payment proofs, personal experience, reviews, feedback and testimonials from our readers.

Listed below are our top 10 most recommended revenue sharing online advertising websites:

  1. Eden Traffic
  2. Future Ad Pro
  3. Ad Pack Pro
  4. My Paying Ads
  5. Traffic Ads Management
  6. Traffic Sec
  7. My Ad Story
  8. The Ads Team
  9. 10 Ads Pay
  10. Click Intensity

Using the above revenue share traffic exchange sites and a good compounding strategy, you are be able to promote your business and take part in their profit sharing schemes. The sites listed above have thousands of happy members. Members are earning the most money using compounding strategy.

Furthermore, you are not necessarily required to have a business in order to join these sites. Most people sign up using free membership and make money by clicking cash links. They also earn the most money through referral commissions.

For more information on Profit Share, you can visit the Revenue Share Blog. The Revenue Share Blog is full of advice and tips on top revenue sharing sites and their pros and cons.

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